Changing ulimit values in AIX

If you find that users are having difficulty uploading large files to your AIX box but when you run ulimit -a as root you see that everything is set to unlimited you have to remember to check this for the users account as well.

I encountered this problem with WinSCP where the users would encounter a general error stating that the error information would be located on the server in question (pretty vague)

If you wish to change these values for an individual user there are two ways go about it:

  1. Edit the limits file under /etc/security/limits (takes effect after reboot)
  2. Use the chuser command to change individual user settings (logout and login required)

Here are a few of the flags that can be set:

chuser rss=-1 username
chuser fsize=-1 username
chuser data=-1 username
chuser nofiles=4000 username
chuser “stack=8388608″ username

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