Expanding a LUN on RedHat Linux

Assuming you have a LUN that has been provisioned to your server, containing a physical volume, volume group and one or more logical volumes that is currently mounted and in use on your server. You can follow these steps to increase the size of that resource. First of of course you will have to go […]

RedHat Linux Adding a LUN over Fibre Channel

At this point I am assuming that you have properly configured your fibre channel adapters/HBA’s, provisioned the ports on the switch, configured proper zoning, and configured multipathing. Possibly I will add that config to a separate post. Assuming all of this, after you have created a LUN on your storage device and presented it to […]

Installing R on Ubuntu

Since I needed to whip up a quick scatter plot, I decided to install my old friend R (http://cran.r-project.org/) But as is usually the case a Google search only resulted in a partial instruction list, so here are the commands I used to get it all working. sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list Add the following repository to […]