Apache 2 on AIX7 with mod_ssl, Django and mod_wsgi

IMPORTANT: This tutorial is not complete. if you scroll to the bottom you will see that there is a bug with mod_wsgi that I have not been able to fix as of yet. For the setup of Apache2 I have used the RPMs contributed by Michael Perzl http://www.perzl.org/aix/index.php?n=Main.Apache For most of my packages I tend […]

Django + DB2 + Apache on Ubuntu 10.10

For the purposes of this demonstration i’m going to assume you have Django already installed. Ok, first things first you need to download a copy of either DB2 Express-C or get the client for your current install of DB2. In my case I will be using DB2 ESE V9.7 to connect to our main database. […]

Adding User Authentication to Django

So you have started up a shiny new Django project and probably gone through the getting started tutorial. Somewhere along that line you are shown how to get the “free” functionality of the Django admin pages, along with authentication into the admin section. The next logical step is to say “wow, that’s great I should […]

Specifying a custom Form display using Django’s admin.py

Upon starting a recent Django project I quickly ran into an issue where a model I created was intended to hold username/passwords for ssh authentications to various servers. But by default by just calling the admin.site.register(Server) method resulted in the password being displayed in plane text. So lets start jumping through some rings of fire […]