Adding User Authentication to Django

So you have started up a shiny new Django project and probably gone through the getting started tutorial. Somewhere along that line you are shown how to get the “free” functionality of the Django admin pages, along with authentication into the admin section. The next logical step is to say “wow, that’s great I should […]

Specifying a custom Form display using Django’s

Upon starting a recent Django project I quickly ran into an issue where a model I created was intended to hold username/passwords for ssh authentications to various servers. But by default by just calling the method resulted in the password being displayed in plane text. So lets start jumping through some rings of fire […]

Errors Compiling GPU Computing SDK examples

I have been trying to install the CUDA SDK and related components under Ubuntu 10.10 following the examples on the nVidia website in the following PDF Everything went well up until the point where I had to compile the GPU Computing SDK examples using the following: cd ~/NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK/C make This resulted in an compile […]

Slow Content Assist in Eclipse Helios and Android SDK

So this was a major pain in the ass, having to wait 10+ seconds every time I press ” . ” for the content assist window to popup and then another load of time upon typing set,get or anything else. After digging through the Eclipse and Android bug trackers for some time thankfully salvation was […]